TwitterI joined twitter in July of 2010. It was my way of moving from the Facebook craze and yet to still be able to communicate with friends, family and even stalkers alike. Since then that vision has expanded as Twitter allowed me to grow my network. I meet a lot of interesting people from around the globe all through a common interest of art and design.

Now apart from keeping in touch with friends and family, I now use my twitter account to learn from others, collaborate on ideas, share work and just have great conversation with some extraordinary and down to earth people.


deviantARTEven though I have been involved in graphic designs since I was sixteen (16) years old  (mostly desktop wallpapers), it wasn’t until 2008, through the influence of my brother and some of my very close friends, that I joined the popular social network art website under the name T5x-Prototype. Initially it started out as something I just wanted to try and it quickly turned into what I see as an achievement. For the period 2009 – 2010 I was able to create some of my most memorable works, one of which was featured  as part of a collection in a book. I have since changed my screen-name from ‘T5x-Prototype’ to ‘David-RW’.

You can check out my work and the work of my deviantART friends as well as some of the art I’ve fav’d at the following link below.


InstagramIn May 2014 I joined Instagram. Initially I didn’t do much with it but then I discovered a few of my twitter peeps on there as well as some old high school buds and so I started to follow them and then eventually began to post pictures of regular events in my every day life.

In-between that I post pictures  of my sketches, doodles, design work, concepts and even publishing’s that have come to life. Currently my Instagram profile is set to private, however you can send a request to follow me and see what I’m up to.